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Hm 03 is located in the safari zone, in the back of Fuscia city.

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Q: How do you get the move surf in Pokemon Yellow?
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How do you teach surf in Pokemon Yellow?

You need a water Pokemon and the surf HM

Where do you get HM swim in Pokemon Yellow?

It's Surf not swim. In the Safari Zone at Area 3 there is a house called the Secret House in there you can win the prize of HM03 which contains the move Surf.

On Pokemon Yellow how do you get surf?

HM03 Surf can be found in the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City.

Pokemon platinum wear to get the move surf?

You have to beat the pastroria gym leader in order to get the move surf.

Where is the move deleter in Pokemon Yellow?

There is no move deleter in Pokemon yellow... you have to keep the hm's that you learned your Pokemon

How do you use surf on water in heartgold?

You have to get the move Surf. Then teach it to a Pokemon. After that if there is a place where you want to Surf press A.

How do you cross water in Pokemon?

You will need a Pokemon that can learn Surf or has the move Surf. When you walk up to the water's edge, tap A or go into Party and select the Pokemon with the move Surf. The Pokemon will be called out and your character will ride on its back, while it's swimming through the water.

Is it possible to make the move surf on Pokemon diamond unlimited?

surf is a hm. It is unlimited.

What Pokemon can do the move surf?

The majority of water types

Where do you get surf on Pokemon Yellow version?

the Secret House in the Safari Zone

What are the HMS for Pokemon Yellow?

Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Flash.

How do you get to the SS Anne in Pokemon Yellow without surf?

You don't need surf, just the ticket which you get from Bill after helping him change back from a pokemon into a human.