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You have to beat the pastroria gym leader in order to get the move surf.

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Q: Pokemon platinum wear to get the move surf?
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How do you make the black flute wear off so you can catch Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

Simple sell the flute.

Wear can you find Ditto in Pokemon Platinum?

use the poke radar on route 218 (rare)

Wear is pokeatlon in platinum?

Wear is pokeatlon in platinum?

In Pokemon Pearl what Pokemon can you find with the pokeradar?

Grass will move, walk into grass but it will wear off after a while.

Where to see Vaporeon in pokemon platinum?

at the house wear the psyducks block your way there is a collecter with vaporean, joltean, and flarean inside

Were do you get strength on Pokemon FireRed Pokemon?

you get it after you find the old mans golden teeth the old man is in the house next to the fishermans house (in fuchia city) you find the teeth in the safari zone near wear you get surf

In Pokemon diamond i used the move mean look and then switched the Pokemon out i did one move and the Pokemon fleed what happened?

the Pokemon that used mean look must still be in battle for the move mean look to work if you switch the Pokemon that used mean look out , the mean look's effect will wear off hope i could help! T.A.S.N.

What do you have to wear to woolacombe surf?

Bathing suits or wetsuits

In Pokemon what does the attack lucky chant do?

the move lucky chant protects the user from a critical hit , it will wear off after the battle.

What Australian company is the largest surf-wear manufacturer?

It was QuickSilver

Where is the surf dome?

Surfdome is located in London, England. Surfdome is a clothing store that specializes in beach and surf wear, as well as skateboard gear.

Where is warden slowpoke in the safari zone on Pokemon fire red?

he is in his house in fusha city he lost his gold teeth and you have to find in the safari zone right next to wear you get HM surf at the end of the safari zone.