What does Lyra from Pokemon wear on her head?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A hat

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Q: What does Lyra from Pokemon wear on her head?
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How do you find Pokemon Ranger in Lyra forest?

i have no idea what you are talking about. you dont find a POKEMON RANGER IN A FOREST, AND THERE IS NO LYRA FOREST!!

Does Ethan like lyra in Pokemon?

I don't really know.. i think Lyra likes you though?

Does lyra like khorry in Pokemon?

they are brother and sister

Where is shedninja in Pokemon Ranger?

Shedinja is located in the Lyra Forest.

Where can you see the starter Pokemon that neither you nor your rival took in Pokemon HeartGold?

Lyra/Ethan has it.

Where do you find typhloshion in Pokemon Ranger 1?

In the Lyra forest dept

Who will voice kotone in Pokemon?

Eileen Stevens voices Kotone/Lyra.

What Pokemon does Ethan have if you pick Lyra?

apparently he has a boy marill... i think.

How do you get the VS Recorder in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Get it from Lyra/Ethan on Route 31.

How do you get accessory box in Pokemon HeartGold?

go to the goldenrod subway lyra is there and she will give it to you

Where is the Lyra forest located on the map in Pokemon ranger?

theres no such place on Pokemon ranger or do you mean vien forest

What do you do to lyra to let you go to the Pokemon league in Pokemon soul silver?

simple you capture or beat ho-oh.