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The person that arrives in Crystal.... That is how it is in the manga anyways.

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It's given to Lyra.

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Q: Who did Professor Elm give the last Pokemon to in Pokemon Soul Silver?
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What is inside the Pokemon egg you give to professor elm from Mr Pokemon in soul silver?

Togepi, just like in the original Gold and Silver.

Why does professor oak tell you to go to his lab in soul silver?

He tells you to visit him so he can give you pokemon.

Where do you find a masterball in Pokemon soul silver?

After blackthorn gym professor elm will give you a call saying he has something for you

When do you get a master ball in Pokemon soul silver?

professor elm will give it to you once you beat all the gym leaders in the Jhoto

How do you get on S. S. aqua in Pokemon soul silver?

Beat the elite four then Professor Elm will give you the S. S. ticket.

How do you give Togepi to Professor Elm in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You just make it first in party so it is following you then talk to Elm.

Where do you get the master ball in soul silver?

the professor will call you and give it to you

Where do you find rock climb in Pokemon soul silver?

After you have defeated all 16 gymleaders, go to Professor Oak and he'll give you the HM.

How to get the nasional pokedex in Pokemon soul silver?

beat the league and head for olivine port when there professor oak will give it to you. johto pokedex complete or not

Does professor oak give you a second kanto starter in soul silver?


How do you get to vermillion city in Pokemon soul silver?

first you have to beat the elite four. and then professor elm calls to come over to his lab. he will then give you the SS ticket.

How do you get a Celebi in soul silver?

get 360 Pokemon on the pokedex professor Elm will give you a gold and silver ball go to the shrine and you will put the GS ball in the shrine Celebi will atack you that's when you catch him.