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it is where

spritomb is


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Q: What is the wrecked stone pillar on Pokemon diamond?
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Where can you find diaga in Pokemon diamond?

stone pillar after beating Cyrus

How do you get Acreus on Pokemon Diamond?

Go to the spear pillar and stand on the flute stone when you enter then use it there will be stairs go up them and your destiny awaits

Where is the stone pillar in Pokemon platinum?

go to Mt. Coronet

What is the best stone in Pokemon diamond?

thunder stone

Where to find a moon stone in Pokemon diamond?

The moon stone is used in Pokemon Diamond to evolve certain Pokemon. You can find one by looking in the Underground.

Where is the stone pillar on Pokemon LeafGreen?

On five island in the southern portion.

Where is the rock stone in Pokemon diamond?

There is no such thing as a rock stone.

What stone do you use on clefariy in Pokemon diamond?

moon stone

How do you get a leaf stone in Pokemon Diamond?

You get a leaf stone underground.

Where can you get a water stone in Pokemon Diamond?

In Diamond, you can obtain a Water Stone in the underground in Sunyshore City.

Where do you get a dawn stone on diamond?

The dawn stone is an item that is used to evolve certain Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond. To get this item, search in Mt. Coronet.

On Pokemon diamond what is a water stone for?

to evolve certain Pokemon