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It's Surf not swim. In the Safari Zone at Area 3 there is a house called the Secret House in there you can win the prize of HM03 which contains the move Surf.

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Q: Where do you get HM swim in Pokemon Yellow?
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Where is hm flash?

on Pokemon yellow on Pokemon yellow

How do you get a lapras in Pokemon Yellow?

After you have defeated Gary at Silph Co. talk the nearest guy to you and he gives you a Lapras.

How do you get rock smash hm Pokemon Yellow pikachu edition?

There is no Rock Smash HM in Pokémon Yellow.

Where is the move deleter in Pokemon Yellow?

There is no move deleter in Pokemon yellow... you have to keep the hm's that you learned your Pokemon

Where do you find hm swim in Pokemon diamond?

Celestic town shrine

How do you teach surf in Pokemon Yellow?

You need a water Pokemon and the surf HM

What Pokemon in yellow version can learn four HM's?


Where is waterfall in Pokemon Yellow?

To my knowledge i don't think there is a waterfall in Pokemon yellow and it is quite irrelevant to the storline if there was one. If you mean a HM named waterfall...i think your on the wrong game, only pearl and diamond have waterfall HM...i think. There are only 5 HM's in Pokemon Yellow Flash, Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength.

Can you teach a Polywag to swim on Pokemon?

Try it, HM's are unlimited. And it's surf btw

What is Tm number for fly in Pokemon Yellow?

HM 2 i think

How do you swim in Pokemon Diamond?

YOU can't swim but your Pokemon can. There is a Hm called surf. I'm not sure where you get it but you teach it to a water Pokemon and when you get near water push a and it will say,"The water is a a deep blue color... would you like to use surf?" And that's how you use and how your Pokemon can swim!

How do you cut down trees in Pokemon Yellow version?

Teach HM Cut to a Pokemon and use it on the tree.