How do you swim in Pokemon Diamond?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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YOU can't swim but your Pokemon can. There is a Hm called surf. I'm not sure where you get it but you teach it to a water Pokemon and when you get near water push a and it will say,"The water is a a deep blue color... would you like to use surf?" And that's how you use and how your Pokemon can swim!

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Q: How do you swim in Pokemon Diamond?
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How do you get to the rousort araa on Pokemon Diamond?

swim to it

Were you fine the Pokemon league?

in pearl and diamond you have to swim there from sunyshore

Where do you find hm swim in Pokemon diamond?

Celestic town shrine

How do you swim in Pokemon Diamond ds?

You have to get a pokemon that can learn the hm surf and u go up to water and press A, then it will say surf, press A and swim! to get off just go to land or fly.

Pokemon star or Pokemon Diamond?

Pokemon diamond

Should I buy Pokemon Diamond or the sims 2 pets?

Pokemon diamond Pokemon diamond Pokemon diamond

Where do you find azurill on Pokemon diamond?

You can find it in the safari game or if you use surf and swim around in the water but it is not that usual to find it swimming.

How do you be a Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

you cant be a Pokemon in Pokemon diamond

Where to find mesprit in Pokemon diamond version?

go to lake verity,swim to verity cavern, and it should be standing somewhere... good luck!

How do you catch huntail in Pokemon diamond?

go into the dark cave on the cycle route and find some water, either swim or fish it think

Where is may in Pokemon Diamond?

She is not in Pokemon diamond.

Where is the Pokemon temple in Pokemon Diamond?

There is no Pokemon temple! There is such thing as Pokemon diamond.