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You will need a Pokemon that can learn Surf or has the move Surf. When you walk up to the water's edge, tap A or go into Party and select the Pokemon with the move Surf. The Pokemon will be called out and your character will ride on its back, while it's swimming through the water.

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Q: How do you cross water in Pokemon?
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How do you get to canalve city in Pokemon diamond?

cross the water to the west of jubilife

How do you cross whirlpool in dragon den in Pokemon shiny gold?

Find the whirlpool tm give it to totodile (if you have it)or any other water pokemon.

How can you cross water in Pokemon diamond?

to cross water you have to go to celestic town (after defeating pastoria gym there will be a team galactic man follow him defeat him Cynthia will be there talk to her she will give you secretpotion use it on psyduck and you can go there) there will be an old lady in the ruins she will give you a HMSurf. After that defeat hearthhome gym and BINGO! you can use surf to cross water

How do you get the HM Surf on Pokemon Red rescue team?

Surf is on the 20th floor of Solar Cave but you need to be able to cross water to get it.

What Pokemon do you need to cross the ice path?

Any pokemon with Strength will do.

What floor do you get the TM surf from in solar cave?

i found one on the 20th floor but ull need a Pokemon tht can cross through water

How do you catch the god Pokemon?

you nail pikachu to a cross you nail pikachu to a cross

Where do you get the TM cross chop in Pokemon FireRed?

Cross chop is not a TM in firered.

In Pokemon sliver where is the dragon den?

In the far north corner of Blackthorn City. Cross the water using surf and enter the cave (if no one is blocking it.)

How do you cross the swirls in Pokemon Gold?

One of your Pokemon must learn whirlpool from an hm.

Where are water pokemon in pokemon sapphire?

in the water maybe

Why did Combusken cross the road?

To get to the other Pokemon Center.