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All you have to do is press <

then the cursor will pop out.

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Q: How do you get the mouse cursor to show on Wolfquest?
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What controls the movement of the cursor on the computer?

The mouse or the touch-pad controls the cursor.

How can you get the cursor to show on league of legends?

Well you just move your mouse anywhere and click it and your person will move to where ever you clicked your mouse so techniclly you wont always see your mouse!

What is the mouse on the laptop called?

It is called a clicker If you mean the built in mouse, it is called a touch pad or mouse pad.

How do you change a mouse cursor?

In control pannel, select the cursor option..... and then, select ur cursor type.

Functions Of The Mouse?

it moves the cursor on the webpage or website

Can you set pictures as your mouse cursor?

No. The picture cannot be set as a mouse.

When the pencil tool is selected what shape is the mouse cursor?

the cursor looks like pencil

How does a laptop mouse pad work?

The mouse is a sensitive touch device that records touch and movement and moves the cursor. if you add pressure, the cursor "clicks".

The mouse insertion point is called the?


What is a palm-sized device used to control the cursor?


What is the blinker on a computer screen?

A blinking object to indicate where to type is called a cursor. The mouse pointer is also called a cursor.

What will i do if my cursor don't move?

A cursor on a computer that is not moving, could mean a couple of things. It could mean that you need a new mouse or a new mouse pad.