Function of a joystick

Updated: 4/28/2022
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to control like cursor or mouse functions

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Q: Function of a joystick
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What kind of device is a joystick considered?

Function controller

What are disadvantages of joystick?

its function is limited to forward backward and left n right

What are function buttons for attack 3 joystick for flight simulator?

you set these yourself in the set up (controls ) options

Why joystick is an input device?

a joystick is named a joystick because it gives you joy when you use it.

How do you set the throttle-G940 Flight System-to be used as a throttle in Flight Simulator X?

As long as your computer loads in the drivers the basic joystick will function. To use the on joy buttons/ throttle wheel you can access settings, controls and then select the joystick. From here you can set joystick buttons for main functions like lights, gear, flaps, throttle and brakes

Why does your joystick not control your plane?

This occurs when the joystick is malfunctioning.

A microphone and joystick are what type of computer devices?

joystick and microphone

When was Joystick - song - created?

Joystick - song - was created in 1983.

What is the pointing device that uses graphical interfaces?


Is PS3 joystick working on PS2?

no. a ps3 joystick is wireless but a ps2 need a wired joystick in order to play games

How do you describe a joystick?

A joystick is a stick, which varies in size, with padding on it. A joystick is usually used when a person is playing a video game.

What is the role of a joystick?

You play games with it. Try search "joystick" in