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If you absolutely cannot get it. Then click on your inventory box and click your cell phone. Go to HQ and double click on Mr. G and He will offer to do it for you and you still get your medal at the end.

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Q: How do you get the fuse box to turn green on Club Penguin?
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In club penguin how do you make the fuse box turn on?

you don't

How do you complete the secret task in mission 3 on club penguin?

u go into the boiler room and click fuse box and turn them all green

How do you turn on the fuse box on Club Penguin?

In the Boiler Room??? Oh you can't

How do you turn the power on in the fuse box on club penguin?

Take a look at the related links.

How do you fix the fuse box on mission 3 on club penguin?

Click the fuses till they all turn green. This can take a while. If you can't turn all the fuses green, you can go back to HQ and ask G to do it for you. But you won't get the thank you card at the end.

How do you turn all the buttons green on club penguin mission?

in the boiler room- just keep pressing buttons- it worked. They will all turn green eventually

How do you turn club penguin maney to real money?

You can not turn club penguin coins into real money.

How do you earn money on club penguin fast using cart surfer?

Turn light green and do lots of tricks.

How does your penguin go the coulor gold on Club Penguin?

Sorry to say this but you cant turn gold on club penguin =(

Can you turn to stone in Club Penguin?


On Club Penguin what puffle goes on fire?

On Club penguin the black puffles turn on fire.

How do you turn on the power in the night club on club penguin mission 2?

its not mission 2, its mission 3! keep clicking the green, until its all red