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in the boiler room- just keep pressing buttons- it worked. They will all turn green eventually

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Q: How do you turn all the buttons green on club penguin mission?
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On the club penguin mission how do you get the green penguin to give you the string?

what mission?

How do you make all of the buttons green on club penguin?


Where is the green bucket on mission 7 on club penguin?

It is in the beach.

How do you make the buttons all green in Club Penguin?

go to ''G'' and ask him to do it.

Do all the buttons have to be green in the fuse box on the case of the missing coins on club penguin?

Yes they do.

How do you turn on the power in the night club on club penguin mission 2?

its not mission 2, its mission 3! keep clicking the green, until its all red

Is their a secret mission in Club Penguin?

Yes there is a secret mission on Club Penguin.

How do get all the green buttons on at the night club on club penguin mission 3?

Open the fusebox and keep clicking randomly until all the bulbs are green. You can also ask G to do it for you at this step, but you will not receive the letter of thanks at the end if you ask G to do it. Then go back and talk to G and you'll be done with the mission

What is the color code for the target in club penguin mission vegetable villain?

purple and green

What do you give the green puffle to cheer him up on club penguin mission?

you give it a cookie

How do you get the pizza for green penguin on club penguin mission 8?

On mission 8, Mysterious Tremors, to give the penguin a pizza go to the pizza parlor and ask the dude for a pizza. Then give it to the penguin.

How do you turn the lights in the night club on on club penguin?

in that mission you have to go to the boiler room and and click on the breaker panel but to get inside you need the big flashlight in g's gadget room. you need to press all the 9 buttons in the panel and you have to turn all the buttons from red into green. hope this answer helped!!