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Click the fuses till they all turn green. This can take a while. If you can't turn all the fuses green, you can go back to HQ and ask G to do it for you. But you won't get the thank you card at the end.

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Q: How do you fix the fuse box on mission 3 on club penguin?
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On mission 2 on club penguin how do you change the fuse box?

You irst)

How do you get the fuse box in club penguin?

you don't

How do you get the fuse box working in club penguin?

Hump on it

How do you light up al the lights on the fuse box in the coin mission on club-penguin?

This is a little hard, just keep trying and you will get it eventually.

In club penguin how do you make the fuse box turn on?

you don't

How do you fix the fuse box in club penguin mission?

you just keep press ur red and green lights till they ar all green

How do you complete the secret task in mission 3 on club penguin?

u go into the boiler room and click fuse box and turn them all green

How do you do the fuse box the case of missing coins on club penguin?

look at the instructions on the inside of the fuse box door

How do you turn on the power in Club Penguin?

If You're Talking About The Mission, You Have To Go Into The Boiler Room. Then Click On The Fuse Box And You Will Have To Solve A Puzzle. When That Is Finished, Go Back Into The Night Club And The Brown Penguin Will Be Dancing And Thanking You For Fixing The Power.

Where is the box in the club penguin last mission?

This is not the place to find that answer. Check on Google or Youtube...Youtube has many cheats for Club Penguin.

How do you do misson 4 on Club Penguin?

g to box to mission to save penguins

Where do you get the solar panel for mission 10 on club penguin?

You get it in a box to the right of Gary.