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Rails curve when there are two rails placed at right angles to it. So if you form an L shape, the corner one will be curved.

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I already tried to do that and it didn’t work

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Q: How do you get rail to curve in Minecraft?
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How do you make a rail in Minecraft classic?

There are no rails and minecarts in Minecraft Classic.

How do you get the on a rail achevment in minecraft?

Travel 1 km in a minecart.

How do you make a minecartmove in Minecraft?

You have to make a rail track (with powered rails) put the mine cart on the rail and nudge it.

How do you hang pictures from a picture rail?

With a rail picture hook aka picture hanger. The wide, large curve goes over the rail and picture cord goes through the hanging narrow hook.

What are detector rails for on minecraft?

Detector rails generate redstone energy (for a redstone wire or other contraption) when a minecart is on them. You can make a simple minecart accelerator by placing rails like so: [minecart rail][detector rail][powered rail][powered rail][detector rail][minecart rail]

How do you use a minecart in minecraft?

Get the minecart in your hand then right click it onto the rail wherever you need it.

How do you ride a minecart in minecraft xbox 360 edition?

Place it down on a rail by right clicking with it selected in your hot-bar then right click it when it's placed on the rail.

When you put your minecart on the powered track on minecraft it just speeds off what should i do?

minecarts can be used on rails and for powered rails, first, put a detector rail before the powered rail, then once the minecart is detected, it powers the rail.

How many ways can you power a mine cart in Minecraft?

The only way to power a minecart is a Powered Rail.

What is the phenomenon of raising the outer rail of the track above the inner rail?

They bank the rails to somewhat alleviate the centripetal force generated as the train negotiates the curve. Same thing as banking on a road.

How do you get in a minecart on Minecraft?

I think you mean "How do you get in a minecart in minecraft?". First, you place the minecart, preferably on minecart tracks, then just right click on it. If you are not on a powered rail, You need to push it first.

How do you make a powered rail work on minecraft?

In order for a powered rail to work, you need a redstone torch placed right next to it. This torch will power 16 rails in each direction. Keep this in mind while placing them.