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Place it down on a rail by right clicking with it selected in your hot-bar then right click it when it's placed on the rail.

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Q: How do you ride a minecart in minecraft xbox 360 edition?
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Is Herobine still on minecraft xbox edition?

Herobrine has never been real and will never bereal, it is not on the Minecraft XBox Edition.

How do you make carpet on Minecraft Xbox 360 edition?

You can make a carpet on Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft using wool.

How do you get Pokemon on Minecraft xbox360 edition?

To get Pokemon in Minecraft you must get the Pixelmon mod, but sense you currently cannot install mods in Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, it is impossible to get Pokemon in Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition.

Is the creative mode on Minecraft Xbox?

at this time there is no creative mode on minecraft xbox edition

Is minecraft available for xbox one?

Yes it is called Minecraft Xbox One Edition.

Are there turtles in Minecraft xbox edition?

No there are not.

Can you get texture packs for minecraft Xbox 360 edition?

No, you can't install third party content on Minecraft XBox 360 edition.

Can you make an Aether portal on minecraft on xbox 360?

No, sadly you can not make an Aether portal on the Xbox Edition of Minecraft because the Aether is part of a mod. As of now, the Xbox Edition of Minecraft does not support mods.

How do you turn into a animal in minecraft xbox edition?

That's currently not supported on the Xbox 360 edition.

Split screen on minecraft xbox edition?

Yes, there is split screen on Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, but it is exclusively for the use of HDTVs, so far.

Is herobrine in the Xbox 360 edition of minecraft after update?

Herobrine has never been in Minecraft, any edition.

Can you make cheese in minecraft xbox 360?

There is no cheese in all pc, pocket edition, xbox minecraft.