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You can only skip 1 trainer no matter what.

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Q: How do you get past the Pokemon trainers and get to Whitney?
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What do you do to get to the top of the lighthouse in Pokemon HeartGold?

You use the elevator if you finished seeing Whitney in the top. If you haven't you won't enter the room. If you haven't saw Whitney in the top use the ladders and battle the trainers in the way to get to the top.

How can Pokemon HeartGold how can you get past sudowoodo who is blokking the path?

Once beating whitney, you get the watering can, water it XD

How do you get past the cone in the dream yard in Pokemon black?

you beat the game and it's gone sure to bring Pokemon in the sixties as trainers are super strong

How do you catch trainers Pokemon?

You can't steal Pokemon however in Pokemon colosseum and Pokemon xd gale of darkness you can snag shadow Pokemon from trainers.

How do you register Pokemon in your pokedex on Pokemon Pearl version?

to get data on Pokemon in your pokedex, capture the Pokemon unless they are trainers Pokemon then you have to cheat to get trainers Pokemon.

Pokemon heart gold how do you get past the sudawudo tree?

Get the Squirtbottle from a lady in the town where Whitney is after beating her, and squirt the tree.

How do you get past all the slides to the eighth gym leader in Pokemon platinum?

you have to battle all the trainers and repeat it ..................... Im sure you can do it.

Were is a trainer with a syther in Pokemon Platinum?

He is on route 210 he is a ace trainer past the two ace trainers running around

Which trainers have an articuno in Pokemon pearl?

No trainers will have articuno.

Where is the best place to train level 60 Pokemon on fire red?

Victory Road or Past Trainers Using the VS Seeker

What do Pokemon trainers need?

Pokemon and pokeballs

Do any Pokemon trainers have shiny Pokemon on diamond?