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Try the website below. It includes her birthday, things she likes and dislikes, and all the heart events.

Be careful, because Marlin is your rival.

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Q: How do you get married to celia on harvest moon?
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I married Celia on Harvest Moon and my game ended why is that?

it might be because you married the wrong person or its jst a completion of the game

On harvest moon ds how do you get Celia pregnant?

After your married, keep her love points over 60,000 for 30 days

Is Celia married to Marlin on harvest moon DS?

No, when you start the game Celia is single. Your character can marry her if you want. But Marlin is her Rival so she can marry him too. It depends on what you do.

When is Celia from harvest moon ds birthday?

On 6th of Spring

Who can you marry on harvest moon a wonderful life?

Celia, Nami, and Muffy.

What day do you have to get married on harvest moon D'S?

There is no day you have to get married. In Harvest Moon DS you can get married whenever you want.

How much LP do you have to have for Celia in harvest moon ds?

TO marry Celia you must have at least 60,000 LP (red heart)

How many harvest spirits do you need for Celia to accept THE blue feather on harvest moon ds?

ALL 101

How long is it until you get a baby in harvest moon ds?

Well, when you get married, after about 6 months into the game your wife will get pregnet and it'll take about 7-10 months for the baby to get born on Harvest Moon DS. Right now, Celia is my wife and she is pregnet but I had Muffy as my wife on Harvest Moon, PlayStation 2 and we have a child. It takes a while.

What is Celia's routine in harvest moon ds?

Celia will tend the crops with her two companions during the day, and at night she stays home.

Who is Marlin on Harvest Moon DS Is he Celia's brother or dad or somfin?

If you don't marry celia, she marries marlin instead. ~JLD

Which Harvest Moon game can you get marry?

You can get married in all the Harvest Moon games.