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Q: How many harvest spirits do you need for Celia to accept THE blue feather on harvest moon ds?
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How do you get Celia to marry you?

In Harvest Moon DS,You Have To Have:60 Sprites,Blue Feather(Which You Obtain When A Girl's Heart Is Red,& You can Purchase The Blue Feather Only When her heart is red at the supermarket),Then Use The Blue Feather And Talk To Celia. This Can Work For Any Girl You Would Like To Marry.

On Harvest Moon wonderful life how do you have Celia marry you I gave her a blue feather already?

she will marry you in one year since you have been there aka spring

What is the red heart event on harvest moon ds for C elia?

Don't get offended but i think you're rather silly. Red is the max!! Then what colour do you expect next time? RAINBOW?? Puh-lease!!Anyways... When Celia's heart is red, call the market and buy a blue feather and propose to her. If she doesn't accept it, it must be that you don't have 60 harvest sprites. So make sure you have 60 harvest sprites before you propose! >.< bx

When you propsed to celia she said no what do you have to have for her to say yes harvest moon?

- need to have rescued 60 harvest sprites - seen all heart events -the girl is not married -bought blue feather from supermarket -have upgraded house twice and bought kitchen + big bed

How does Celia marry you on harvest moon ds when you have done all events and got the double bed and got the kitchen and got 99 harvest sprites and got her affection to max?

You have to wait until her heart turns red then buy the blue feather in the supermarket. then you propose to her with the blue feather. press Y in front of her just like how you use a tool. Dont' forget to put the blue feather in the tool slot first!

When is Celia from harvest moon ds birthday?

On 6th of Spring

How much LP do you have to have for Celia in harvest moon ds?

TO marry Celia you must have at least 60,000 LP (red heart)

Who can you marry on harvest moon a wonderful life?

Celia, Nami, and Muffy.

What is Celia's routine in harvest moon ds?

Celia will tend the crops with her two companions during the day, and at night she stays home.

Who is Marlin on Harvest Moon DS Is he Celia's brother or dad or somfin?

If you don't marry celia, she marries marlin instead. ~JLD

What has the author Celia Ann Evans written?

Celia Ann Evans has written: 'The effect of acid precipitation on the deposition of atmospheric mercury and its effects on lichens and feather mosses'

In harvest moon a wonderful life will your son be a farmer if you marry Celia?

If you marry Celia your child will start out wanting to be a farmer. But he can still change his mind.