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You don't, but you can trade from HGSS

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Q: How do you get headbutt in Pokemon Pearl?
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What does the TM headbutt do in Pokemon silver?

I think it is the same as Pokemon diamond and pearl you use headbutt on a certain tree and a Pokemon could fall out of a tree

How do you headbutt the trees in Pokemon diamond?

headbutt????????????? )-:)

Were can you find the TM headbutt in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Headbutt dosn't come in a TM. You can teach a pokemon Headbutt by talking to a guy in a pink shirt in the Illex Forest. You can Headbutt trees (Like an HM) to find certain PoKeMoN.(It vairies where you Headbutt.)

Is there TM head but in pearl?

*headbutt and No.

What Pokemon can you get when you use headbutt in Pokemon soul silver?

you get heracross or combees when you headbutt a tree

Where do you catch aipom in Pokemon HeartGold?

You have to go to Mount Silver and headbutt the trees on the left of the Pokemon center. P.S. you may also run into a herecross too if you headbutt trees.Aipoms are uncommon and can be found by headbutting treesFirst, this is under relationships, and Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Aipom is found uncommonly when you headbutt trees, there is a specific one, but I'll change my answer to be more specific when you change your question.

Which Pokemon can learn Headbutt in Pokemon HeartGold?

I don't know all of the Pokemon that can learn Headbutt, but I know that Cubone can learn it.

What Pokemon can learn zen headbutt?

Slowbro can use Zen Headbutt.

How do you get a Excegute in Pokemon silver?

teach a Pokemon headbutt and use it on small trees teach a Pokemon headbutt and use it on small trees

Which Pokemon can you get using Headbutt in Pokemon Crystal?

AnswerIf you use Headbutt on a tree in Pokemon Crystal, one of the following Pokemon may appear: SpearowHeracrossAipomEkansHoothootNoctowlSpinarakPinecoLedybaExeggcuteVenonatCaterpieMetapodButterfreeWeedleKakunaBeedrill

Is there a person that can teach 2 of your Pokemon headbutt in Pokemon?

Sorry, the only Headbutt Move Tutor is in Ilex Forest, and he only teaches it once. Some Pokemon learn Headbutt by level-up, though.

Where do you get the HM headbutt in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Headbutt is no a HM in Pokemon soulsilver. However a man in Ilex Forest will teach it to any Pokemon that can learn it.