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you can't get free oak planks on runescape now stop being a noob and make them yourself. -.-

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Q: How do you get free oak planks on RuneScape?
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How much do magic planks cost on RuneScape?

There is no magic planks in runescape. Only plank, oak plank, teak plank and mahogany plank.

How much do oak tree cost runescape?

You don't buy oak trees. You can buy oak logs, or oak planks. You can also buy oak seeds, which in this case are called "acorns". Prices in RuneScape change all the time, since they are mainly driven by supply and demand. You can find updated prices here: at the top of the main RuneScape page, there is a kind of menu; select "Community", then "Grand Exchange".

How many nails does it take to build a staircase on runescape?

There are several types of staircases. For example, an oak staircase requires no nails - but it requires 10 oak planks and 4 steel bars.

How do you make a door in to a wall in runescape house?

The door should be automatically built unless you mean an oak door for your homes dungeon, you need level 74 construction and ten oak planks to build that.

How much profit you get from making planks on runescape?

You can make a fair amount of profit from plank running. I recommend running oak planks because you can buy the oak logs from the grand exchange with no problem. You can buy oak logs for 49gp each, and you can sell the planks you run for 472gp and they usually sell in the grand exchange with no problem. For every 1000 planks you make you can make a profit of approximately 173,000gp. Remember the prices in the grand exchange usually change daily. Also the plank man charges 250 per plank

Where can you get nails and planks on runescape?

Planks are outside of Varrok in the Lumberyard. You have to be a member to SMITH nails.

Where do you get the wooden planks in RuneScape?

You can get planks from the grave yard in the wilderness. But if you are a member, get em from the saw mill.

How many wooden planks do you need for dragon slayer in runescape?

3 planks and 90 nails.

What where viking ships made of?

300 oak planks.

What is the real name for Minecraft wooden planks?

The real name for minecraft wooden planks is Wood Planks but if you were to add what type that would be at the front ex. Oak Wood Planks...

How many oak planks to get to 99 construction?

That would depend on your current level. Besides, you may also want to know how much it costs with other methods (other types of planks, in this case). Therefore, I recommend you use an online runescape skill calculator, which lets you do this type of experimentation.

How is oak furniture made?

Oak furniture is made from solid oak, or oak planks, which is pieced together/ sculpted to create the desired form.