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That would depend on your current level. Besides, you may also want to know how much it costs with other methods (other types of planks, in this case). Therefore, I recommend you use an online runescape skill calculator, which lets you do this type of experimentation.

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Q: How many oak planks to get to 99 construction?
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What is the cheapest way to get 99 in construction on runescape?

Creating oak dungeon doors using Stealing Creation hammers

How much would it cost to plank make from 86 to 99 magic in runescape?

Look up a magic calculator, then how many times you have to plank-make from 86-99 magic, then add the prices of the planks + runes to cast the spell together, to get the cost.

Can a pool cue shaft be made out of oak wood?

yes I am 99% positive that you can make a pool cue out of oak wood

How much Construction xp do you need from 96 to 99?

a lot....

Who has the best house in Runescape?

There is a guy called Lonezer0, he has 99 construction.

How many oak logs you need for 99 firemakeing?

you will need to burn 217k for lvl 15-99 firemaking, but i would suggest maple logs because you only need to burn 95k of them and they a reasonable cheap, 100k maple logs is around 4mil, which isn't bad for a 99

How do you get 99 master balls in Diamond without action replay?

go to oak and press L

How do you get a skillcape on RuneScape?

To get a skill cape you must get 99 in the one of the following skills Attack:99 Strength:99 Defence:99 Magic:99 Range:99 Prayer:99 Constitution:99 Mining:99 Smithing:99 Herblore:99 Agility:99 Slayer:99 Farming:99 Hunter:99 Construction:99 Summoning:99 Crafting:99 Thieving:99 Firemaking:99 Fishing:99 Cooking:99 Runecrafting:99 Dungeonearing:99 or true skill mastery:120. Hope this helped :)

How do you get 99 construction on runescape?

I have placed a link below that will take you to a guide that should have the information you require.

How were pine and oak used in shipbuilding?

It was used to make early vessels like the Mayflower. Today, 99% of ships are made out of Steel

Easiest 99 skill to get in RuneScape?

Fletching for members. (Maybe construction if your willing to spend 200m). For nonmembers cooking

How many seconds in 99 seconds?