How do you get electrivire?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In DPP you need to trade an electabuzz holding an electrilizer. I think electabuzzes have like a 5% chance of holding one. Use a Pokemon that knows thief if you don't have pokeballs. Other wise you can get one from the GTS through a trade that way. There is a code for a mystery gift to get one on "Pokemon Battle Revolution" but I'm not sure what it is. If anyone knows the code and wants to add to this, feel free to do so.

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Q: How do you get electrivire?
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How is my team Infernape torterra Empoleon Garchomp electrivire and Lucario?

Its a good team but you definetely leave yourself open to ground type trainers on top of that ice type trainers. You may have to switch electivire and lucario that's my advice. One more thing you need one more Pokemon on your team:)

I have a Team of Giratina and Articuno but for some reason it says your team is full?

It says that because each dungeon (every one) can only have 6 spaces for your team. Giratina's and Articuno's combined body size is 6 spaces. If you want more, use strong but small Pokemon like Celebi, Mew or even Electrivire (discharge rocks) or Magmortar (lava plume).

Which Pokemon should I have on my team plus what movesets for the six Pokemon torterra Lucario jolteon or electivire octillery or Milotic drapion or Spiritomb altaria or togekiss?

I would say... Electrivire, Torterra, Lucario, Altaria, and... I don't know about drapion or spiritomb, but I'll try to get a good answer! :) Also, I have no clue for the move sets, and you should pick your Pokemon by how much you like them, not by their power levels. Advice from a seasoned Pokemon trainer. O

What are the evolutions in Pokemon Diamond?

Most evolutions are by just leveling up but there are also many evolutions like togepi evolves into togetic but friendship and then togetic evolves by a shiny stone. Eevee evolves by the stones, by training at night or day and by leveling it upnext to the icy or grassy stones. Pokemon like golem, machamp, electrivire and magmortar all avolve by giving them the right hold item and trading them.Typically baby Pokemon evolve by friendship if a Pokemon doesn't evolve by by Lv. 55 then it evolves by a stone and if that doesn't work look for held items for Pokemon evolutions. I know a good deal about Pokemon but there is no way I'm going to find all the Evolutions.

My Pokemon teams?

Note these are very good combinations, I could beat any trainer My teams Ludicolo Gyrados Houndoom Mamoswine Metagross and Tyranitar My favorite team, Crobat Magmortar Electrivire Ryperior Gastrodon and Victreebel Heracross Golduck Charizaird Salemence Sceptile Machamp Tortera Milotic Infernape Gliscor Garchomp Drapion Wailord Tysploshion Driftblim Venasaur Golem Nidoking Blaziken Toxicroak Azumarill Tropius Lanturn Nidoqueen If you need any please list your friend code and your name, Mine is dawn and my code is 5413 2041 3533, The same if you wanna battle these teams are all terrible. i dont see a single well balanced team. i could probably sweep all of those with my cinccino

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How do you get electrivire in Pokemon platinum?

u need to migrate it

What is a self introduction on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

it is meant to be a message to tell people you have linked with about yourself. BUT!!!! You can use it to get certain Pokemon such as a magmortar and electrivire Search Google for 'electrivire code Pokemon battle revoulution'

What is stronger luxray or electivire?

electrivire is stronger than luxray by 26 points

What level does electubuzz evolve?

You don't evolve it by level, you trade it holding an electrilizer, and it will evolve to Electrivire.

What is the 6 best Pokemon?

here goes... arceus victini hydregion electross electrivire porygon-z

What level does Ele kid evolve at?

Lv 30 into an electabuzz. then trade holding an electrilizer and it will evolve into an electrivire.

How do you delete moves in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

Go to the Gulpin or the Electrivire depends on which game ya have! :3

What does the electrizer do on Pokemon Platinum?

1.Catch a Electrabuzz. 2.Give it to him. 3.Trade with a friend. 4.Get it back. You will get a Electrivire.

Is this a good Pokemon wifi team im a bit of a noob so advice would be lovely aggron Blissey salamence Gengar rhyperior weavil ovbiously all ev maxed and the right natures?

Yes this is a good team but you might want to switch aggron for a good electric type like raichu or electrivire or luxray for you i strongly recomend electrivire because some good fire, fighting and electric moves are needed. Incase you don't know to get electrivire you trade electabuzz while it's holding a electirizer.

What Pokemon evolve with electrifier in Pokemon white?

1st of all its "electrizer" 2nd - as of b2w2 only electabuzz into electrivire when traded holding the electrizer

Where is electrivire SoulSilver?

U cant find electivire out as a wild pokemon...u must find the item electrizer and catch an electabuzz. Then put the electrizer in to electabuzz and trade it...

How do you get electrivire in Pokemon battle reviloition?

You have to convert eletrivire from eather Pokemon d or Pokemon p or platinum from you Nintendo DS.And if you don't have one...GET ONE!Sorry I raised my voice...