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Q: What are the evolutions in Pokemon Diamond?
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Where do you find a simple electric Pokemon?

In Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, the first two Electric Pokemon you can find are Shinx (evolutions: Luxio, Luxray) and Pachirisu (no evolutions).

What is the evolution of burmy on Pokemon diamond?

The evolutions of burmy are wormadam for female and mothim for male.

Where to find grotle in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Grotle, along with its evolutions and pre-evolutions are not available in SoulSilver. You can only get it by evolving the Turtwig you choose in Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

In Pokemon diamond what all Pokemon have the effect warm body?

If you mean Flame Body, then only Magby and Slugma (along with their evolutions) have it.

What are the 13 Pokemon you can't get in Pokemon Platinum?

Aside from legendary Pokemon and starters from past generations, Murkrow and its evolutions, misdreavus and its evolutions, trapinch and its evolutions, clamperl and its evolutions, Glameow and its evolutions, and stunky and its evolutions cannot be found in the wild in Pokemon Platinum.

What Pokemon are in Pokemon platiunum's non natinal pokedex?

All the Pokemon from the Diamond and Pearl Sinnoh Dex, plus 60 others. These include, Ralts (and evolutions), Houndour (and evolutions), and Giratina. if you are not sure like i am \ was then check out for more info

When does yanma eloves on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yanma and most other Pokemon have new evolutions that only exist in the 4th generation Pokemon games diamond, pearl, platinum this means none of these evolutions exist in the previous generations like leafgreen.

Which Pokemon evolves into milktank?

No Pokemon evolves into milktank. Milktank has no evolutions or pre-evolutions.

In Pokemon diamond witch item do you give Snorlax to get munhlax?

you have to have a female snorlax hold the Full Incense while she's in the day care with a Monster-egg group male (such as a turtwig or its evolutions, mudkip or its evolutions, whismur or its evoltuions, aron or its evolutions, cranidos or its evolutions, etc) and the egg that hatches will be a munchlax

What do you need to evolve a tauros in Pokemon diamond?

Unfortunately, you can't evolve Tauros because it has no higher evolutions!

How do you find Burmy's evolutions in Pokemon diamond?

you can't find them wild you need to evolve a female burmy to get wormadam and a male burmy to get a mothim

Can you undo evolutions Pokemon?