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I would say... Electrivire, Torterra, Lucario, Altaria, and... I don't know about drapion or spiritomb, but I'll try to get a good answer! :) Also, I have no clue for the move sets, and you should pick your Pokemon by how much you like them, not by their power levels. Advice from a seasoned Pokemon trainer. O

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Q: Which Pokemon should I have on my team plus what movesets for the six Pokemon torterra Lucario jolteon or electivire octillery or Milotic drapion or Spiritomb altaria or togekiss?
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Can you select 6 Pokemon out of the list and give them movesets for my team in Pokemon platinum torterra jolteon or electivire altaria or togekiss Lucario Milotic or octillery drapion or Spiritomb?

I am a Pokemon expert and I would say that you made a good choice of Pokemon for your team. I suggest Torterra, Electivire, altaria, Lucario, Milotic and Spiritomb. They are easy to get movests for. torterra- earthquake, mega drain, leech seed, and leaf storm Electivire- Thunder,Discharge, thunderbolt and giga impact Altaria- Dragonbreath, Fly, Sky attack, and dragon dance Lucario- Aura Sphere, Extreme speed, Metal sound, and Close Combat Milotic-rain dance, ice beam, aqua ring, and hydro pump Spiritomb- hypnosis, dream eater, dark pulse, and ominous wind. Well theres your team.

Can you help form my team and select movesets for my Pokemon team in platinum torterra jolteon or electivire octillery or Milotic altaria or togekiss Lucario drapion or Spiritomb?

If you are knowledgeable about stats, think about the speed of your Pokemon. A key strategy is to balance the types, stats, and powers of your team. One Pokemon may be weak to a specific type, so you must have a move that can counter it. It depends on the trainer. Torterra - slow, but teach it Rock Polish to speed it up. Teach it some Ground- and Grass-type moves for Fire- and Water- types. Jolteon/Electivire - same powers, but Electivire can learn Ice Punch and Brick Break to counter dual Rock-Ground types. Octillery/Milotic - Milotic can also be used in contests, can learn a handful of powerful Water moves, Dragon pulse; Octillery can learn Gunk Shot, Signal beam, Flamethrower(for Grass and Psychic types) Altaria/Togekiss - Altaria are Dragon-Flying types,Dragon moves and Solarbeam for Rock-types, Flamethrower for Ice-types and Sky attack; Togekiss with Aura sphere and Sky attack, also some Fighting-type moves Lucario - Aura sphere, Steel-type moves, Dragon pulse and Ground-type moves,resistant to Psychic-type moves Drapion/Spiritomb - Drapion isn't affected by psychic moves, can learn Ice Fang and Aqua tail to counter Ground-types; Spiritomb has NO weakness, can learn some elemental attacks, Dark Pulse, Ghost-type moves, Hypnosis and Dream Eater combination.

Can you select Pokemon for my team in platinum and give the six Pokemon movesets torterra Lucario jolteon or electivire octillery or Milotic drapion or Spiritomb altaria or togekiss?

Do you have an Action replay? Torterra- Leaf Storm,Giga Drain,Curse (I Highly recommended that you let it hold quick claw), Leech Seed Togekiss (my favorite :DDD) - Aura Sphere,extreme speed,aerial ace/fly,thunder wave Milotic - Rain dance, ice beam,waterfall,mirror coat Electivire - thunder punch,Earthquake,fire punch,giga impact Lucario (Hurray!! xDD) - Close combat,Metal sound,extremespeed,stone edge/substitute Spiritomb ( has no weakness cuz its type is -ghost -dark unless a Pokemon that has the ability scrappy & learns fighting moves xDDD) - Nasty plot, substitute,confuse ray,dark pulse/shadow ball/shaow sneak/silvewr wind there you go, i hope i help :) -PokeHelpThatsMe

What Pokemon does Cynthia have on platinum?

Cynthia has a Garchomp, Spiritomb, Milotic, Lucario, Roserade, and a Togekiss. Her Pokemon are mostly around level 60-73. Thanks If That Helps!

What are the Pokemon the Cynthia has in platinum?

Cynthia has: Spiritomb Lucario Garchomp Togekiss Milotic roserade

What are cinthiea's Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

Spiritomb Togekiss Lucario Garchomp Roserade Milotic

Pokemons of leader Cynthia?

Milotic, spiritomb, lucario, togekiss, garchomp and roserade. Good tip, bring fire, electric, fighting, dragon and dark/ ghost types oh and she has a gastrodoon in replace of togekiss *tip* bring a grass

You have got togekiss electivire Metagross Milotic Giratina and drapion what changes should you make?

take out Giratina, he is Uber and you already have physically and specially defensive Pokemon. Change Giratina with a frail, fast sweeper of your choice to compliment Electivire. Probably Gengar or Alakazam

What Pokemon does Cynthia have in platinum?

lucario roserade spiritomb gyarados garchomp milotic (she sends out spiritomb first)Well when I played the game on my ds she had these pokemon:Spiritomb level 61Garchomp level 62Milotic level 58Lucario level 60Togekiss level 60Roserade level 58And that`s the order I go them in too

I have a TORTERRA TOGEKISS HOUNDOOm Lucario Milotic should i add Dragonite Snorlax Blissey Electivire Tyranitar and should i change Lucario?

no if he is past level 60 or 50 he is very useful

What Pokemon do you have to face in Pokemon league on diamond?

Bug Types Ground Types Fire Types Type Psychic And Garchomp Togekiss Spiritomb and other 3 that I don't remember.

Who is Cynthia in platinum?

she is the champion with full 6 Pokemon you will encounter her twice. the first encounter: garchomp lv.62 milotic lv.58 roserade lv.58 lucario lv.60 spiritomb lv.58 togekiss lv.60 second encounter: garchomp lv.78 milotic lv.74 roserade lv.74 lucario lv.76 spiritomb lv.74 togekiss lv.76