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Right now, you can only get it from the treasure book.

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Q: How do you get an i heart my puffle shirt on clubpenguin?
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What is the Penguin Storm id for you love puffle t-shirt?

theres no shirt like that at all in clubpenguin sorry i meant i love puffle t-shirt

Where do you get puffle not on clubpenguin?

You can buy it in the clubpenguin store

How do you be a puffle on clubpenguin?

you can't

How do you get a puffle net for clubpenguin?

There is no puffle net, sorry!But maybe someday there will be...

Where is Puffle Rescue on clubpenguin?

in the mine

Is there such thing as a silver puffle on clubpenguin?


How do you let your puffle go on clubpenguin?

Press your puffle and at the bottom, there is a leash.Click on the leash and take your puffle out.

How do you find a white puffle in clubpenguin?

You don't find it: You have to buy it in the Puffle shop.

Can your Puffle get a Friend On ClubPenguin?

well i think you can be its friend or you an Bi a new puffle

When is the orange puffle on clubpenguin coming out?

It will come out after the puffle pary 2010!

When is there going to be a ornage puffle on clubpenguin?

february 2010 during puffle party

Is there a new puffle in Clubpenguin this year?

Yes there will be a brown puffle. There is a New Brown Puffle which was added by Americang2