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february 2010 during puffle party

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Q: When is there going to be a ornage puffle on clubpenguin?
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Is there ever going to be an orange puffle?

I f you mean on clubpenguin they all ready have an orange puffle.

Where do you get puffle not on clubpenguin?

You can buy it in the clubpenguin store

How do you be a puffle on clubpenguin?

you can't

How do you get a puffle net for clubpenguin?

There is no puffle net, sorry!But maybe someday there will be...

How do you let your puffle go on clubpenguin?

Press your puffle and at the bottom, there is a leash.Click on the leash and take your puffle out.

Is there such thing as a silver puffle on clubpenguin?


Where is Puffle Rescue on clubpenguin?

in the mine

Is there a new puffle in Clubpenguin this year?

Yes there will be a brown puffle. There is a New Brown Puffle which was added by Americang2

How do you get a puffle hat in Club Penguin?

The Puffle Hat was from the 2010 Puffle Party, and isn't on clubpenguin anymore.

Can your Puffle get a Friend On ClubPenguin?

well i think you can be its friend or you an Bi a new puffle

How do you find a white puffle in clubpenguin?

You don't find it: You have to buy it in the Puffle shop.

When is the orange puffle on clubpenguin coming out?

It will come out after the puffle pary 2010!