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Ya, You can get all 3 even before the 2nd gym. First you have to choose Turtwig so that your rival chooses Chimchar. Then you use the code to catch other Trainer's Pokemon

9223B5FA 000021011223B5FA 00002100D2000000 00000000

You have to imput the code and once you battle with a Trainer you can throw pokeballs and catch the other trainer's Pokemon. So that means you can catch your rival's chimchar. Also on the road to the town of the 2nd gym(ethera or sumthing) there is this trainer Lass sumthing who has a piplup and you can capture it also. So you end up with all 3 starters even before the 2nd Gym!!! =)

this may help 999 master balls =O

94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 00000F4C 03E70001 D2000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

press L+R after imput

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Q: How do you get all three starter Pokemon without trading in Pokemon diamond?
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How do you get all three starter Pokemon on Pokemon diamond without trading and without action replay?

There is no other way.

On Pokemon pearl can you catch every Pokemon without cheating or trading?

No not every pokemon. You can't catch the starter Pokemon and many of the rare pokemon, you have to trade with Diamond. sorry ...

How can you get a cyndaquil without trading in diamond?

You can get a Cyndaquil without trading only by transfering it from a GBA Pokemon Game onto your Pokemon Diamond Version.

Can the other starter Pokemon be obtained without tradeing in Pokemon diamond?


How do you get all three starter Pokemon in emerald without trade?

You cannot get all 3 Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald without trading for the other 2.

How do you get a second starter Pokemon in Pokemon black and white without trading?

You cant without action replay

How do you get oshawatt in Pokemon black without trading?

You can't unless you picked it as starter pokemon.

How do you get all three starter Pokemon in ruby without trading?

It is impossible to get all three starter Pokemon in one game without trading, unless you are willing to use an Action Replay.

How can you get all starter Pokemon in sapphire without trading?

its simply not possible

How can you get all three starter Pokemon on Pokemon diamond without trading?

You cant Actually, you can. Just do one of these: 1. Trade on the GTS 2. Ask your friend to breed theirs, and give you the egg or start your adventure get your first starter trade it and do this one more time to get all the starter Pokemon

How do you catch Groudon without action replay or trading Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

In Diamond & Pearl? Impossible without migrating, trading, or Action Replaying.

Can you get different reigion's starter Pokemon in Pokemon black and white?

Not without trading from another game.