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You can get a Cyndaquil without trading only by transfering it from a GBA Pokemon Game onto your Pokemon Diamond Version.

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Q: How can you get a cyndaquil without trading in diamond?
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How do you get a cyndaquil without trading in soul silver?

It is one of the first 3 Pokemon you can choose, that is the only way to get it without trading

How do you get cyndaquil in diamond?

Cyndaquil can only be obtained by migrating it, or by cheating or hacking.

How do you catch Groudon without action replay or trading Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

In Diamond & Pearl? Impossible without migrating, trading, or Action Replaying.

Cyndiquil in Pokemon Diamond?

i love cyndaquil and yes cyndaquil is in it by migration which i hate

Where do you get a Glameow in diamond without trading?

Route 222

Where can you find Cyndaquil in Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot find Cyndaquil in Pokemon Diamond so to get one, you will either have to migrate it or trade it from somebody

Where can you find cyndaquil in Pokemon dimand?

You can find Cyndaquil at Mount Stark on Pokemon Diamond.

How do you get Groudon in Pokemon diamond without trading?

no you can't you have to either trade or gameshark cheats :P

How do you get a raikou in diamond without migrating?

Cheating, hacking, or trading.

Is there anyway of getting a chikorita if you chose a cyndaquil as your starter in Pokemon heart gold without transferring from emerald or fire red?


How do I get Cyndaquil on Pokemon Pearl?

Cyndaquil and all other pre-fourth generation starters are unavailable in Pokemon pearl and diamond. You must transfer it from Pokemon Emerald. If you do not have Emerald, sign up on a Pokemon trading forum and find someone who is willing to trade you one.

How do you get cyndaquil in national pokedex in Pokemon diamond?

if u want a cyndaquil u have to migrate it from a diffrent region