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Q: How do you get all of the badges in test of time?
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Change Habbo badges?

You can change your badges by going on 'my stuff' and clicking on Badges. You can only have 5 badges at one time.

How do you get all the badges on WikiAnswers?

One user cannot have all the badges on WikiAnswers. Joining groups is a way to get badges.

Were to get arseus on pokemonbattlearena?

get all the badges and then you can find him get all the badges and then you can find him

What do you do after you get all sixteen badges in heartgold?

Get the Jhoto badges, beat the elite four, go get all of Kanto's badges as well.

Is it possible to get all the badges in Wikianswers?

You can technically get all the badges, but you can't have them all at the same time.For example...You can't have the Premier Answerer and Supervisor/Community Assistant badges at the same time.You can't have the regular (first) Contributor badge and the Supervisor/Community Assistant badge at the same time.

Where is all the badges in Pokemon FireRed?

The gym leaders have the badges all you need to do is defeat them.

What is the all badges cheat for Pokemon emerald vba?

you get all 8 gym badges

Do you need to have all 8 badges on Pokemon Blue to trade?

No, you can trade with no badges at all.

How can you have all badges in pk indigo pc?

you win to all the gym leaders and you should have all the badges

What to do after you get all gym badges on Pokemon heart gold?

You are in jhoto first then when you have all the 8 gym badges you can go to kanto and get 8 more badges which will be all 16 badges then you can challenge the pokemon league. Hope that helped.

Where are all badges in roblox?

You would have to go to every game on ROBLOX that has a badge or badges and get them all in the games.

How to get badges on scplus?

You have to do all these different things, click on the badge and they'll tell u how, most of the time...........