What are all the webkinz badges?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can see a full list of Webkinz badges on Webkinz World News. There are 37 different badges you can receive for your accomplishments.

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Q: What are all the webkinz badges?
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What are all of the Webkinz Badges and how do you get them?

I know you get badges once you complete a class in the Webkinz Academy, i think if you complete school on their then you get all the badges but I'm not sure if it is all of them because I'm only on level one or two on most of the things on there.

How do you get badges on Webkinz?

By doing what the badges are for. Like when you take a sick pet to doctor quacks, You get a badge when you click "I love my webkinz" all week and there are many others. For more badges and info go to This is what really helped me get badges!!!! i have the key to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you name all the Webkinz from a to z of what kinds of Webkinz there is?

All the webkinz are posted on Webkinz world.

How many badges can be earned in Eager Beaver Adventure Park in Webkinz World?

2 badges can be earned from Eager Beaver Adventure Park. One is for playing the game and the other is for finishing the game.

How many badges can you earn on webkinz?

You can earn lots. Try buying and registering new pets, playing all different sorts of categories in Quizzy's, ... that's just a few to get you started!

How do you get all the badges on WikiAnswers?

One user cannot have all the badges on WikiAnswers. Joining groups is a way to get badges.

Were to get arseus on pokemonbattlearena?

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What do you do after you get all sixteen badges in heartgold?

Get the Jhoto badges, beat the elite four, go get all of Kanto's badges as well.

Where is all the badges in Pokemon FireRed?

The gym leaders have the badges all you need to do is defeat them.

What is the all badges cheat for Pokemon emerald vba?

you get all 8 gym badges

Do you need to have all 8 badges on Pokemon Blue to trade?

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How many Webkinz are there in all of Webkinz?

Unlimited numbers of Webkinz! Every month, about 100 webkinz come out.