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beat the boss in Bhutan and then go to Thailand and beat kirtey

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Q: How do you get a tigershark on invizimals the lost tribes?
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Who is the last boss in invizimals the lost tribes?

the last boss is cambell with some dark invizimals and you have to fight him with a normal tigershark and a dark tigershark only

Will there be a dark tigershark in invizimals the list tribes?

Yes, see related links.

How do you get tigershark on invizimals?

How can i get a tigershark without ending the game.

How do you get tigershark on invizimals shadow zone?

to get tigershark you need to say at the beggining of the game that you already played the invizimals 1 and you need to have tigershark in invizimals 1 then you need the invizimals 1 save in your psp then go to missions select the mission select begin and your tigersharck from the invizimals 1 goes to invizimals2

Can you Customise your invizimal on invizimals the lost tribes?

yes you can

What are the special invizimals?

uberjakal, scissorbeak, tigershark, nessie, venomweb, flamingrodon, moby, boneshell and a skelatail Tigershark is my fave invizimal

How do you get a tigershark on invizimals?

To get it you need to defeat campell suprise suprise! first do it then go to campell castle.

How do you get tigershark in invizimals?

in invizimals 1 you need to complete the main storyline then go to campebell+s castle and jasmin will talk to you about a mysterious and old creature then go to mumbai there you can see a battle that is a bet he uses a zaphyra max level 12 but if you are lucky sometime after he will use a tigershark level 1

How do you capture elemental dragons in invizimals lost tribes?

you need to get the 12(i think)kenichi´s diary part and then you need a friend to make a cooperative hunt i wanted them but i can´t :(

When will invizimals lost tribes come out in the US?

they haven't announced it, yeah i got on here thinking there would be an answer, but no, judging on how shadowzone arrived i say its gonna arrive mid 2012 sry :/

How do you get a tigershark in the game invizimals?

after you beat the game go to the camblecastle and keni's friend will tell you about tiger sharks then go to the Tokyo and beat the boss and he will give you the speale invizimal the go muimbi and beat the new guy nomid

What are the secrete colors for the invizimals on shadow zone?

Here are two of them; Ha Ha Yena Layer 1- E5 Layer 2- G5 Tigershark Layer 1- A25 Layer 2- B1 There are more, but yet to be dicovered!