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on a capture invizimals quest were you have to stop it by blocking with your hand

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โˆ™ 2010-04-05 15:31:20
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Q: Where is roarhide invizimals?
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How do you capture a roarhide max on invizimals?

i do not know i think you have to desert dasis tournament win and you get a roarhide max

How do you give Rolf your max roarhide?

I don't know but please someone who completed invizimals please tell me how the max roarhide to Rolf and I really want someone to this

How do you get mutant invizimals?

Beat Rolf in the Berlin tornament.Then he will ask you to bring him a roarhide max(roarhide that has evolved twice).Go capture one or if you got one raise it to level 9 or above.Go to Berlin,then fight Rolf.(he has a mutant salma lv9 desert)If you win he will introduce you to the mutants.Then when you capture an invizimal there is a chance it is a mutant invizimal.

Where do you get roarhide max?

You can get one in the Berlin tournament first beat roarhide then obtain it Then level it to level 9.

When did Invizimals happen?

Invizimals happened in 2009.

Is flamclaw on invizimals or on invizimals shadow zone?

It's only on Invizimals (by the way, it's spelled Flameclaw).

When was Invizimals created?

Invizimals was created on 2009-11-13.

Which is better invizimals or invizimals shadow zone?

Who knows. Everyone has their own opinion

How do you unlock the secret invizimal on invizimals shadow zone?

go to google,type secret traps for invizimals shadowzone scan,enjoy your new invizimals!

How do you get tigershark on invizimals shadow zone?

to get tigershark you need to say at the beggining of the game that you already played the invizimals 1 and you need to have tigershark in invizimals 1 then you need the invizimals 1 save in your psp then go to missions select the mission select begin and your tigersharck from the invizimals 1 goes to invizimals2

How do you get mutan invizimals?

to get mutant invizimals you just keep looking until one appears

Where do you get a roarhide?

To capture a Roarhide you need to get to the mission "Hunter and Prey" then to capture it, face something yellow (Is a desert), and to capture a pup, make a wall and make it crash into your hand (which is a wall) 3 times and then you capture it. (or should be captured)

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