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It's only on Invizimals (by the way, it's spelled Flameclaw).

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Q: Is flamclaw on invizimals or on invizimals shadow zone?
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How do you get xue hu in invizimals shadow zone?

u get it after u max all the guardian invizimals and then complete the tornament

How do you unlock the secret invizimal on invizimals shadow zone?

go to google,type secret traps for invizimals shadowzone scan,enjoy your new invizimals!

When does invizimals shadow zone come out in the US?

some where arund summer

How do you change the colour on invizimals shadow zone?

win any torament

How do you get all the secret invizimals on invizimals shadow zone?

six of them require secret traps other have battles or alliance ranks to get

How do you get sackboy and unicorn on invizimals shadow zone?

You get Sackboy by becoming a level 20 in the alliance, and you get Unicorn by collecting and evolving all of the Invizimals to Max.

How do you get the uberjackel invizimal?

in the first invizimals you have to google it like:invizimals 1 uberjackal trap and in invizimals shadow zone i think it is by a bet in tailandia(not sure)

How do you get dimetrodon on invizimals shadow zone?

Just click on this link and it will tell you everything: What_is_the_big_secret_on_invizimals

How do you get jungleus on invizimals shadow zone?

You have to Win 20-50 times in online battles

How do you get mutant in invizimals shadow zone?

You need to capture FIVE MUTANT Invizimals, it should then do something or other on Infrastructure

Which is better invizimals or invizimals shadow zone?

There isn't a "best" Invizimal. It just depends on what stats you raise when you level it up. People have different favorite invizimals. Mine is Shenlong.

When will invizimals shadow zone the psp game come out into the US?

Fall 2011, Sony just announced it on their blog.