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To get a Tigershark (mutant), you have to defeat a dude called Nomad in a BET match. Sometimes, he might have a normal Tigershark (Lvl 01), or a Zaphyra (Lvl 12).

WARNING: He is really good at performing a Perfect Defence!

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Q: How do you get the mutant tigershark invizimal?
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What is the rarest invizimal?

its probably tigershark shiny

What are the special invizimals?

uberjakal, scissorbeak, tigershark, nessie, venomweb, flamingrodon, moby, boneshell and a skelatail Tigershark is my fave invizimal

How do you get moby invizimal mutant?

you need to play alot of adhoc battles

How do you get mutant invizimals?

Beat Rolf in the Berlin tornament.Then he will ask you to bring him a roarhide max(roarhide that has evolved twice).Go capture one or if you got one raise it to level 9 or above.Go to Berlin,then fight Rolf.(he has a mutant salma lv9 desert)If you win he will introduce you to the mutants.Then when you capture an invizimal there is a chance it is a mutant invizimal.

Where to get an invizimal trap?

go to photobucket and search secret invizimal traps

How do you get tigershark on invizimals?

How can i get a tigershark without ending the game.

What is the god invizimal?

The invizimal is actually Ra the sun God of Egyptians hes called uberjackal the only way is to go on a invizimal web and complete it will tell you how to.

When was Tigershark - film - created?

Tigershark - film - was created in 1987.

What is the duration of Tigershark film?

The duration of Tigershark - film - is 1.63 hours.

How do you capture an invizimal?

you have to get told in a mission to go capture an invizimal then you can level them up and capture as many as you want

How do you capture a invizimal?

first obviously you need a trap a psp the game and a camera 1-search for colors there is a bar that is at the top of the screen it teels you 2-unite the yellow things 3-listen the tutorial to catch the invizimal 4-catch the invizimal like they told you 5-enjoy your new invizimal^^

How do you get moby invizimal?

Win 10 Ad Hoc Battles and u get the moby. Its like boneshell also, as if you win about 40 of them u get a mutant moby. If Ya Want Anything else, look for my name cons1_- on invizimals online.