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Whether a Pokémon is shiny or not is determined by a comparison of numbers (Involving the Trainer ID no., Secret ID no., and dissections of the Pokémon's Personailty Value). The probability of any Pokémon being shiny is literally 8 in 65536, rounded down to 1/8192; an appoximate 0.012207% chance.

To encounter a shiny Giratina in Pokémon Platinum, it would take around 8200 attempts. Each attempt would take approximately 25secs to visualize Giratina, resulting in an unrealistic 56 hours 56 minutes of constant farming.

If you were dedicated, it may realistically take an entire week of farming the Giratina encounter for 8 hours each day to encounter a shiny Giratina.

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Q: How do you get a shiny Giratina in Platinum?
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How long till Giratina turns shiny?

Giratina doesn't "turn" shiny you find a shiny version or get one from an action replay.

How do you get giratina in pearl?

You can't giratina in pearl, you can only get giratina in Platinum,

Does anyone have a shiny Articuno with a Modest or Calm nature on their platinum I'll trade it for my shiny Giratina?

yes Alright. put it in the trade center I'll look for it or why do we give each other our friend code?

Where can you find Giratina in Platinum?

You find giratina in diisttorction world

Where do you find Giratina from in Pokemon platinum?

You can find Giratina in the Distortion World.

What is the first legendary you get in platinum?

The first legendary you get in platinum is Giratina!!..

How do you get a shiny Giratina?

action replay i think

Where to catch shiny garitina?

You need a cheat on a m3 card to get a shiny Giratina

What is before Giratina in Pokemon Platinum in the pokedex?

Absol is the Pokemon before Giratina. Absol's number in the pokedex is 209 and Giratina's number is 210. This is the one in the Pokemon platinum POKEDEX.

What is the Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?


In Pokemon platinum can Giratina breed with Ditto?

No, Giratina can't breed with anything.

How do you get platinum in Pokemon platinum?

There's no such item/pokemon. Do you mean Giratina?