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You can find a Shell Bell at Hearthome City in Pokemon Platinum.

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Q: How do you get a shell bell in Pokemon platinum?
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How can you get a shell bell on Pokemon platinum?

You can find it at Hearthome City.

What does the Shell Bell do in Emerald?

Every time the Pokemon holding the Shell Bell deals damage, the Shell Bell will heal the Pokemon.

How do you get a shell bell on Pokemon Crystal?

There is no shell bell within the game.

What does the soothe bell do in pokemon platinum?

You give on of your Pokemon the soothe bell and it will get happy faster.(It helped me evolve my eevee and togepi.)

Does shell bell make Pokemon happy?

No, that's the soothe bell. The shell bell restores pokemons health after they do damage to their opponent depending on how much damage they do. The shell bell restores 1/8th of damage dealt.

Can you get a second soothe bell in Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

YES you get one in the Pokemon mansion and you get another one somewhere else

Bsest way to make a Pokemon friendly in platinum?

give it a soothe bell

Where do you get the shell bell in Pokemon White?

In Driftveil southeast of the Pokemon center need to have seen at least 50 Pokemon on your pokedexx

What else helps you heal besides leftovers in Pokemon diamond?

shell bell

How do you raise Pokemon friendliness in Pokemon Platinum?

Give it the Soothe Bell to hold and keep it in your party, then run around.

Where do you find a sooth bell in Pokemon light platinum?

you get it from cheryl when you guide her through eterna forest:').

Can anything evolve from a shell bell in pokemon?

No, it is only used to recover health in battle when being held by a pokemon.