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You give on of your Pokemon the soothe bell and it will get happy faster.(It helped me evolve my eevee and togepi.)

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Q: What does the soothe bell do in pokemon platinum?
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Bsest way to make a Pokemon friendly in platinum?

give it a soothe bell

Can you get a second soothe bell in Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

YES you get one in the Pokemon mansion and you get another one somewhere else

How do you raise Pokemon friendliness in Pokemon Platinum?

Give it the Soothe Bell to hold and keep it in your party, then run around.

Easy way to evolve Togepi pokemon platinum?

Give a Soothe Bell it raises happiness.

Where to find soothe bell in platinum?

Get Cheryl out of eterna forest and she will reward you with a soothe bell.

Where are all the Soothe Bell in Pokemon Diamond?

You find a soothe bell at the Pokemon mansion

Where do you find a sooth bell in Pokemon light platinum?

you get it from cheryl when you guide her through eterna forest:').

Where do you get soothe bell in Pokemon Gold?

thare is no soothe bell in gold.

Where do you get soothe bell in pokemon heartgold?

You trade any Pokemon for Jasmine's Steelix, and it will be holding a Soothe Bell.

How do you get a soothe bell on Pokemon platinum?

Well you could go to Cheryl in Eterna forest or go to one of the maids at the Pokemon mansion (sorry I don't know which maid) hope I helped.. but if those ways don't work trade a Pokemon holding the soothe bell and there you have it.

Can you get a second soothe bell in Pokemon Pearl?

No, there's only one in Pokémon Pearl and Diamond. In Platinum, you can get two though.

Can you buy the soothe bell in Pokemon Diamond?

The are NO soothe bells you can BUY in Pokemon Diamond. but if you want you can even get a Soothe Bell for free in Pokemon Diamond, just walk to the Pokemon Mansion and walk into the rooms, one of the rooms contains a soothe bell. Hope this helps.