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Every time the Pokemon holding the Shell Bell deals damage, the Shell Bell will heal the Pokemon.

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Q: What does the Shell Bell do in Emerald?
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Where does sealeo live in emerald?

You can only catch spheals in the cave behind the city with the apace station, where you get the shell bell.

What do you do with the shoal shell in Pokemon emerald?

combine it with shoal salt and create a shoal bell by talking to the dude in the start of the cave.

How do you get a shell bell on Pokemon Crystal?

There is no shell bell within the game.

What does a Shell Bell look like?

a shell

How do you get a shell bell in Pokemon platinum?

You can find a Shell Bell at Hearthome City in Pokemon Platinum.

How do you get a shell bell in emerald?

If you want a shell bell,that is to use gamesharkThe steps...1.Go to youtube and type this in the search box,Pokemon Emerald-ALL ITEM on sale!!! (you can just copy and paste from here.The user is smarkoh)2.Go click on (more info) at the description and the cheat is available there.3.Pls rate and comment.***The cheat is for ALL(most) of the items and it only works for emeraldYou get it the same way in emerald as sapphire or ruby.Hope I helped

Does shell bell make Pokemon happy?

No, that's the soothe bell. The shell bell restores pokemons health after they do damage to their opponent depending on how much damage they do. The shell bell restores 1/8th of damage dealt.

Where is the shell bell in Pokemon platinum?

The Shell Bell can be found in one of the houses in Hearthome city. A lady gives it to you

How do you get a shell bell?

you have to have a togekiss then walk in the grass when you look at the summary it has shell bell hope dis works to you because it helped me

How do you get a shone shell and shone salt on Pokemon emerald?

Shoal shell and shoal salt are obtained in shoal cave north of mossdeep city sometimes in the cave water floods it this is the time where you can get the shoal shells when there is no water this is the time to get shoal salt bring them to the old man to get a shell bell.

Who invented the taco shell?

glenn bell

How do you get the soothe bell on emerald?

It can be found in mount pyre.

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