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You can't as the game has been scratched down into a few layers of the disk making the game unusable or only temporarily usable in some cases.

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Q: How do you get a ring from around a xbox game?
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What does it mean when you have a ring on your xbox 360 game?

The xbox 360 will put a ring around your disk if you move the xbox modem or it falls over while the xbox is on and the game is in it. Most of the time that means the game is not playable anymore.

How can you get a ring off a Xbox 360 game?

bring it to the local game store depending on how bad it is they will fix it for around 10 bucks

How do you get the ring off a xbox 360 game?

you have to get the xbox 360 game buffed so it can be fixed.

Red ring deals with which game?

It deals with the entire xbox 360 system

How can you detect if an xbox had red ring?

Yes the ring around where it shows how many controllers you have will turn red.

Your xbox only reads disk when it is placed upwardsdisk drive pointed up if you put the game in and play then put it to the position it should be in it carves a circle ring around your game destroy?

the red rings are good it dosent work with green you have to hit you xbox till they turn red

At What Temperature does the Xbox 360 overheat?

The Xbox 360 will over heat at around 89 degrees Fahrenheit then it will get the red ring of death and u will be out of luck

How do you fix a game with a ring around it?

and i quote"You lick it"

Have they stopped making plain Xbox game?

Well now that the Xbox 360 has been around for years, no they do not make original Xbox games.

Is there a special xbox cabinet for a gamer to use?

There is an Xbox game cabinet that is made for gamers. IT runs around $2300

What kind of wireless internet adapter do you need for the xbox 360?

your need a xbox adapter from game for around £40

How do you fix the ring of death on Xbox?

Call Xbox and get it repaired!