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The Xbox 360 will over heat at around 89 degrees Fahrenheit then it will get the red ring of death and u will be out of luck

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Mine was still going strong at 120 degrees lol

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Q: At What Temperature does the Xbox 360 overheat?
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How long can Xbox 360 be left on?

You can leave your Xbox 360 on as long as you want. But doing this make your Xbox overheat.

Does the xbox 360 slim overheat?

The new Xbox S was made with overheating in mind. That being said, it should be better at keeping the right temperature.

Does an XBOX 360 overheat?

Yes it can and most likely will.

Can a xbox 360 wireless n adapter overheat?

No. It won't overwork itself, so it won't overheat.

Can playing burned Xbox 360 games on your Xbox 360 mess it up?

NO. It won't mess up the xbox 360 but it can get you banned from Xbox live if detected by Microsoft. It won't cause the xbox 360 to overheat compared to playing regular retail games.

How do you overheat an Xbox 360 to complete the X-Clamp 3 RROD Fix?

You do not need to over heat the Xbox 360 to do the X-Clamp mod

Can to many xbox 360 cheats ruin your xbox 360 arcade?

No but it will soon enough due to chip me that hapenned to me and i bought a ps3 and built my PC.

Is my xbox 360 going to explode?

If you leave on for days it might overheat and not work. But it won't blow up

Can a xbox 360 get the red ring of death by staying on to long?

It does overheat but it wont get it just for being on. If you have it in a cool, well ventilated place it wont overheat quickly.

What is the fastest way to give your Xbox 360 the red rings of death?

In my opinion, u shouldn't do that. You could overheat your 360 by leaving it on for a long amount of time.

Why do xbox 360 consoles breakdown?

An XBOX 360 is nothing more than a specialized computer. A computer is a machine. Machines break down. Now if you are referring to the overheat problem, that is a design flaw that Microsoft needs to fix.

Is MW2 for xbox 360 arcade?

Elite because it doesnt overheat and has better Graphics ^^^^^^ retard all xbox types can play any game and have same graphics