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To get a promotion you need to meet the specified criteria. Open up the job panel. Here it should tell you your Sim's skills, job title, pay etc. On the skills meter there will most likely be a ring around some of the skill nodes. This shows the level you have to get that skill to in order to get a promotion. If there are no rings then you either have no job, or don't need any skills for promotion. Secondly, family friends. A family friend is someone who does not live in your household that you are friends with. In the middle of the job panel there will be a meter showing how well you are performing at work. Underneath this there will be a smiley face with a number next to it, showing how many family friends you have. Under this it may have a number (+2, +3) etc. This second number tells you how many more friends you need for a promotion. Thirdly, the meter I previously mentioned. You need to get your job performance high enough, along with enough family friends and skills for a promotion. Going to work in a good mood helps improve your job performance.

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Q: How do you get a promotion on the sims 2 PC?
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