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You can get stairs in the sims 2 for the PC! :]

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Q: On what sims game can you get stairs?
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Can you have stairs on sims 2 pets PC?

Stairs do exist but I'm not sure if you get new stair on the game. Why is everyone obsessed with stairs?

Can you get stairs for sims 2 pets ps2?

You can't get stairs for the sims 2 ps2, you can only have stairs in the sims 2 PC

Which sims game do you buy elevator in it?

The Sims game you can buy an elevator in is The Sims 3. To buy an elevator in Sims 3, you have to go to the building section, where you can also purchase stairs and other construction elements.

Can you have stairs in sims 2 pets ps2?

No there aren't any stairs for any of the sims console versions.=You can only use stairs in the PC versions of the sims.==That's just how it works I guess=

How can you get stairs on the Sims 1?

Getting stair in free play mode of Sims Life Stories is best achieved through trial and error. Short cuts are also known as cheat codes. By consensus, cheat codes are considered unethical.

How do you get the stairs to work after you do the cheat on Sims 2 for ps2?

what is the cheat for the stairs

In Sims Busting out can you have stairs?

No. You cannot have stairs for ANY of the Sims games on platforms PS2, Xbox, DS and GBA. You can however on PC. yes you can on sims 3 you can and on the pregnant one do you even have sims?

Can you get stairs in sims busting out ps2?


How do you delete stairs in sims 3?

use the sledgehammer tool and click the stairs

Can there be a up stairs on sims 2 for ps2?

I am asking you is there??? and no there isn't you have to have it for PC

How do you build stairs in the sims for ps2?

Unfortunately, you can't actually build stairs/upstairs for the sims on ps2 :'( get the sims 3 or the sims 2 (computer version(s)) to do this. Both work on pc, but only sims 3 works on mac :)

Can you have stairs on sims 2 for playstation 2?