Does The Sims 2 ruin your computer?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. The sims 2 will not directly harm your PC but it might weaken your system and cause your PC to run slower but not for strong PC, running the game sometimes crashes your PC though.

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Q: Does The Sims 2 ruin your computer?
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Does Sims 2 double delux ruin your computer?

Nope, I have Double Deluxe and my computer is A-OK!

Can you wreck a sims 2 disk by putting it in a computer then taking it out and putting it in another computer?

The short answer is no, it will not ruin the disc.

Does sims 2 double delaux ruin your computer?

no although depending on how much memory ure PC has it can slow it down a bit!

Does using Sims 2 cheats ruin your computer?

No, however if you used something like "boolprop constrainfloorelevation false" or "moveobjects(on)" while you are building a house then you need to be careful because it can mess up how your sims play in the house. It won't mess up your computer though.

How do you find sims 2 body shop on your computer?

you go to sims 2 body shop on your computer:)~

Can you get cars on the sims celebration PC?

No you can't. The cars are only available on sims 2 Nightlife. Don't download the games online though because they can ruin your computer and there usually not the real game. Hope this helps! xxx

What system is The Sims 2 nightllife for?

sims 2 nightlife is an expansion pack for sims 2. therefore, it goes to the computer =]

Can people on Sims 2 have babies?

you can not have babies on the sims 2 PS2 but on the computer version you can.

Do you need to have sims 2 to get sims pets 2?

on the computer you do but not on D.s its pets or normal !

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Can you fit Sims 2 and Sims 3 on the same computer?