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If you are talking about the Sims 2 on the computer, that should never happen.

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Q: How does your sim break a bone on sims 2?
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Can your sim break their ankle in sims 2 seasons?


Can a pet break a leg in sims 2?

Are you playing Sims 2 apartment life? If so, then no it is not possible for a Sim animal to break a leg.

How can you make youself a sim in The Sims 2?

Yes you can make yourself a sim in the sims 2.

Is there any other sims game for wii?

there is my sims kingdom, My sims, Sims party, sims 3, sims 2 castaway, sim animals, sim 2 pets, sim animals africa and that is all i could find

In what Sims game for the PSP can your sim get Pregnant?

You can get your sim pregnant in Sims 2 Apartment Life and Sims 2 Double Deluxe.

What are some Sim's sites?

Mod the sim TSR The sims Liana sims 2

In The Sims 2 if a sim is engaged can that sim get out of being engaged?

I had Cassandra break up with Don by having Don flirt and kiss another sim. She got mad enough to break up with him. That ended the engagement pretty quick.

What movie and television projects has Donna Le Tourneau been in?

Donna Le Tourneau has: Played Sim in "The Sims: House Party" in 2001. Played Sim in "The Sims: Hot Date" in 2001. Played Sims Voice in "The Sims Vacation" in 2002. Played Sim in "The Sims Unleashed" in 2002. Played Sim in "The Sims: Superstar" in 2003. Played Sim in "The Sims 2" in 2004. Played Sims Voice in "The Sims 2: Nightlife" in 2005. Played Sim in "The Sims 2: Pets" in 2006. Played Sim in "The Sims 2: Open for Business" in 2006. Played Sim in "MySims" in 2007. Played Voice in "MySims Kingdom" in 2008. Played Sim in "MySims: Agents" in 2009. Played Sim in "The Sims 3" in 2009.

What is a sim...?

A Sim is a virtual person. It is also a game. The games are called .MySims .The Sims .The Sims 2 .The Sims 3 .The Sims Social There are more simulated games like that. Another sim is your sim card for your mobile phone. 'Sim' is also a surname.Hope this helps!

Sims the 2 for ps2 or The Sims 2?

sim's 2 for ps2 version.

How do you get proposed in sims 2?

An uncontrollable Sim cannot propose in the Sims 2. So have your guy or girl Sim propose.

How do you make your sim a vampire without sims 2 nightlife?

you can't u can only make your sim a vampire in sims 2 nightlife and sims 3.