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in the lake of rage

you kan have him in shiny

or you catch a magikarp and train him to lv. 20

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Q: How do you get a gold Gyarados in gold version?
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Where can you find the red Gyarados in Pokemon Yellow?

It is not possible to get the Red Gyarados in Pokémon Yellow version. You can only get it in Gold, Silver and Crystal version.

How do you get gold Gyarados on Pokemon peal?

There's no such thing as a gold gyarados. its only got 2 colors, Red and Blue

When does Gyarados learn hyper beam in Pokemon gold?

Gyarados learns Hyper Beam at level 50.

What does magikarp evolve into on gold?

Magikarp will evolve into Gyarados.

You play Pokemon gold you save the game but the next time you play it your file is gone?

If you are playing the original Gold game: You caught either a Missingno. (I'm pretty sure you didn't) or you caught the Red Gyarados. It's sad, but the Red Gyarados in Gold has a horrible glitch in it that has a chance of doing what you just described. If you are playing Heart Gold: I have no idea what happened. The Gyarados glitch does not occur in Heart Gold.

How do you get the golden magikarp?

A golden Margikarp is a shiny margikarp, and as with other shiny Pokemon, there is only a 1/1892 chance of getting a Shiny(golden) magikarp. Breeding a Shiny Gyarados or a Shiny margikarp with another shiny Pokemon THAT CAN BREED WITH GYARADOS/MARGIKARP may have a higher chance of breeding a shiny magikarp. You can also trade the shiny gyarados from Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal version.

Where do you catch Red Gyarados?

In Pokemon Crystal version, you catch it at the Lake of Rage.

Where can you get red Gyarados in FireRed?

its not in the game only in gold silver crystal

How many legendary Pokemon in diamond version?

only 2 red gyarados and palkia

Where do you get a red Gyarados on Pokemon platinum?

you don't get one.but you can in Pokemon gold,silver,heart gold,and soul silver.

What do you do when you captured the Gyarados?

If you are talking about the Silver and Gold versions then you can just keep it and battle with it.

Is the red Gyarados in lake verity?

There is not a red Gyarados in Lake Verity. The in-game report of a sighting is simply a story mechanic to get the player there. This little story element is a reference to the Red Gyarados in the Lake of Rage on Pokemon Gold and Silver.