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There is not a red Gyarados in Lake Verity. The in-game report of a sighting is simply a story mechanic to get the player there. This little story element is a reference to the Red Gyarados in the Lake of Rage on Pokemon Gold and Silver.

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Q: Is the red Gyarados in lake verity?
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What lake is the red gyarados in?

The red Gyarados is in the middle of the Lake of Rage north of Mahogany Town in Johto.

When can you go to to lake verity in Pokemon fire red?

lake verity is only in the sinnoh region. not kanto

Where is the red Gyarados in diamond and pearl?

at the lakes and in mt.coronet with the super rod you have a 1 in8000 chance of finding one on diamond and pearl i got one so get bullied (no AR)

Where is the red Gyarados and what do you need to do to obtain it?

The Red Gyarados is at the Lake of Rage, near Mahogany town.

How do you get dragonscale?

First go to Lake Verity. Use a super rod while surfing until you find the a red gyarados and try to catch it [it will take a long time to find it]. Then it will be holding an item, take it and it will be a dragonscale. Wrong: why? 1. red gyarados is shiny gyarados: to find a shiny you have 1/2000 chance. . not true. Horsea holds it

How will you get to the middle of the lake to fight the red Gyarados in heartgold?

go to the lake of rage to get to the lake of rage you need to go to mahogany town then go north at the center of the lake is the red gyarados

How do you get a red gyrados in HeartGold?

You have to go to the Lake of Rage. In the middle of the lake, there is a red gyarados. This is your only chance to catch the Red gyarados, so save before battling it to have multiple chances to catch it.

Where is a red Gyarados?

At the Lake of Rage, which is North of Mahogany Town.

Where do you get red Gyarados at?

At the Lake of Rage, North of Mahogany Town.

Where do you find a red Gyarados in soul silver?

lake of rage

How do you battle Gyarados in Pokemon Gold?

You can battle the Red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage, which is north of Mahogany Town. You'll get the Red Scale after battling it. You can also find regular Gyarados by surfing at the Lake of Rage, as well as fishing with the Good Rod and Super Rod at the Lake of Rage and Fuchsia City.

In what cave do you catch mesperit?

Lake Verity Lake Verity