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{A red Gyarados is a shiny gyarados, and to get it you probably have to fish alot. Your chance of finding it is like 1 out of million. You can get it easily in GSC though.

or trade the blue garados with the red scale from gold and put it into yours. it retains its shiny status}

Alternate way:

Make sure that you have caught all three beings of emotion: Mespirit, Azelf, and Uxie. Go to lake verity and fish around with a super rod. In about 20 mins, you should have one. I tried this a little while ago and it actually worked. I am now enjoying a red gyarados.

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Q: On Pokemon pearl how do you catch the red Gyarados?
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In Pokemon pearl what to do after you catch the red Gyarados?

train it

Is it true in Pokemon pearl that you can catch a red Gyarados with mesprit uxie and azelf I heard you can on the internet?

A red gyarados is just a shiny gyarados, it will still take time to accomplish.

How do you catch red Gyarados in pearl?

they dont have a red gyrados

How do you catch red Gyarados on Pokemon platinum?

You can catch red Gyarados anywhere because red Gyarados are only shiny but are extremely rare.

Where is the red garidous on Pokemon pearl?

there is no red GYARADOS that you can catch, dont make assumptions. the only way to get a shiny red gyarados is to find a random one and hope that the 1/8192 chance happens

How do you get a dragon scale on Pokemon pearl?

defeat red gyarados.

Where do you find the red Gyarados on Pokemon pearl?

khadels backyard

Haw do you get a red Gyarados on Pokemon LeafGreen?

To get a red Gyarados in Pokemon LeafGreen you first need to catch a shiny Magikarp. This shiny Magikarp will be able to evolve into a red Gyarados. This is due to the red Gyarados simply being the shiny color of Gyarados.

Where do you catch Red Gyarados?

In Pokemon Crystal version, you catch it at the Lake of Rage.

Where is the pond to catch red Gyarados in pearl?

You cant catch red gyrados in pearl at a pond like you can in Pokemon GSC. It is completely up to chance to catch one while fishing, Its extremely rare. You can use an action replay to hack one but I wouldn't.

Pokemon sapphire where is the red Gyarados?

Catch a shiny magikarp and evolve it.

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