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I Dont think so, sorry

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Q: Can you get the second chance to catch red Gyarados in Pokemon gold?
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Do you get a second chance to catch Dialga in Pokemon Diamond?

No, you do not get a second chance to catch him in the game you are playing.

Can you catch Gyarados in Pokemon Cosmic?


Where can you find a red Gyarados in platinum?

same chance to catch a shiny gyarados to catch eny shiny in platinum.

How do you catch red Gyarados on Pokemon platinum?

You can catch red Gyarados anywhere because red Gyarados are only shiny but are extremely rare.

In Pokemon Crystal do you get a second chance to catch Suicune?


Where do you catch a red Gyarados in Pokemon diamond?

A red Gyarados is just a shiny Gyarados. There is no specialty, so just check your Pokédex to see where Gyarados is and start fishing. The chance of a shiny is just too small to look for it purposely. Or you can activate the code for shiny Pokémon and capture Gyarados.

How do you get red Gyarados in ruby?

The Red Gyarados is unique among shiny Pokemon as it actually first appears as a part of an event. Players first encounter the Gyarados at Lake Rage and have a chance to catch it before engaging Team Rocket.

In Pokemon pearl what to do after you catch the red Gyarados?

train it

How do you get red Gyarados on pokemon diamond?

Its anywhere you can catch normal Gyarados in the wild, but its like a 1/8112 chance of finding one. Also, red gyarados' evolve from shiny magikarp at level 20 just like a normal magikarp

Where do you catch Red Gyarados?

In Pokemon Crystal version, you catch it at the Lake of Rage.

Where is the red garidous on Pokemon pearl?

there is no red GYARADOS that you can catch, dont make assumptions. the only way to get a shiny red gyarados is to find a random one and hope that the 1/8192 chance happens

Haw do you get a red Gyarados on Pokemon LeafGreen?

To get a red Gyarados in Pokemon LeafGreen you first need to catch a shiny Magikarp. This shiny Magikarp will be able to evolve into a red Gyarados. This is due to the red Gyarados simply being the shiny color of Gyarados.