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Q: In Pokemon Crystal do you get a second chance to catch Suicune?
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What type of Pokemon is swicon?

First of all, it is Suicune, and second of all, it is a water type.

Do you get a second chance to catch Dialga in Pokemon Diamond?

No, you do not get a second chance to catch him in the game you are playing.

What is the second guardian sign on Pokemon ranger guardian signs?

the first one is raikou the second id enti the third is suicune and the forth is latias/latios

What is the mistery gift in Pokemon Crystal?

No, the Mystery Gift feature was introduced in generation II games.

How do you get suicuine in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't obtain suicune in Pokemon Diamond. You have to migrate it from your Pokemon Firered or Leafgreen. To find suicune in either Firered or Leafgreen you must have the National Dex, and you should have chosen charmander as your starter. Suicune will appear anywhere (except for caves) in Kanto - similar to catching Latias/Latios in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

How do you get second chance on Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep?

You can obtain abilities like Second Chance and Once More by melding commands, using the Pulsing Crystal. Just keep experimenting with different combinations until you receive the abilities that you desire. Good luck!

How do you get the second crystal in Pokemon FireRed?

go and search where is the rube and Sapphire fire red

In Pokemon Colosseum where do you get Suicune?

1. Go to the burnt tower in Ecruteak City. 2. Suicune will run off. Riaku and Sntei start roaming around Johto. 3. Suicune is at Cianwood but runs off again! 4. Go to the place where you meet Misty (a gym leader in Kanto) and her boyfriend. You can catch it there.

What is the second Pokemon that bill's grandfather wants to see on DS heartgold?

well on Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal it's Oddish.

How do you get the second sapphire crystal on Pokemon leaf green and fire red?

you go to the 7 is island

How do you do the second puzzele in Pokemon Crystal?

go where 1st puzzle is go to botton where water is surf and the puzzle is there

On Pokemon colesuim if you kill the shadow Pokemon hitmontop when batteling skrub where can you find hitmontop again?

You don't have any other chance to get Hitmontop. Many Pokemon you have a second chance at getting in the Snagem hideout, but not this one.