How do you get the golden magikarp?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A golden Margikarp is a shiny margikarp, and as with other shiny Pokemon, there is only a 1/1892 chance of getting a Shiny(golden) magikarp. Breeding a Shiny Gyarados or a Shiny margikarp with another shiny Pokemon THAT CAN BREED WITH GYARADOS/MARGIKARP may have a higher chance of breeding a shiny magikarp.

You can also trade the shiny gyarados from Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal version.

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Q: How do you get the golden magikarp?
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Is a golden Magikarp rare?


How do you get a golden Magikarp whenever I do the breeding cheat the Magikarp isn't shiny?

your not doing it right

Who is better magikarp or metapod?

Magikarp. If you give it an exp. share, It will evolve into gyarodos. I have a golden magikarp right now(i have an action replay code for it. I am not that great,)

How do you get the golden magicarb Pokemon on pearl?

The only way to get the evolved form of Magikarp, a shiny, golden Magikarp, is to look for one. You can find one in the lake near Twinleaf.

How do you get a golden gyrados?

You wait to evolve a Magikarp til level 100

How do you get a red Gyarados?

u need to get a golden magikarp and evolve it at lvl 20

How do you get golden Magikarp in emerald?

You can cheat using action replay or just encounter many magikarps

Worst Pokemon team in pearl?

magikarp Lvl. 4 ralts combee Lvl 4 Abra W/O hidden power ditto (not actually that bad) unown magikarp, magikarp, magikarp,magikarp, magikarp, and magikarp, all level 1 and all they have is splash. you cant do anything but die...

What is the ultimate Pokemon in gold version?

lv. 1 magikarp, lv. 1 magikarp, lv. 1 magikarp, lv. 1 magikarp, lv. 1 magikarp, lv. 1 magikarp Oh and remember that they all have to know how to splash!

How do you get a gyrados?

you can get a gyrados from fishingevolving a magikarp and you can get a magikarp

When was Magikarp created?

Magikarp was created in 1996.

What level does a shiny magikarp evolve?

same lvl as a normal magikarp 20 and the shiny magikarp evolves into a red gyrados